Mark Denny

Powered Parachute Instruction Florida Paramotor Paragliding Paraglider

Designer and Developer of Hybrid ParaTrikes, adrenaline junkie Mark Denny, was introduced to the aviation world in December 1987 when, after multiple injuries in motocross racing, he decided that repeatedly hitting the ground was not fun anymore, so he set his eyes on skydiving.  He sold his motocross gear, bought skydiving gear and Mark's passion for flight took off.  On his eleventh student jump he was introduced to Canopy Relative Work (CRW) and found passion in this area of skydiving.  He received his Pro ratings and Jump Master ratings in 1989 and continued working with world class individuals honing his canopy handling skills.  After mastering his skills as a skydiver, in 1993, he was introduced to the ultralight industry where he assembled and taught himself to fly a Pterodactyl.  What a pleasure it was for him to have the opportunity to fly this aircraft and feels today that it was the simplest form of fixed wing flight.  Soon afterwards Mark purchased a Weedhopper, a Quicksilver and a tandem seat Explorer that he mounted on floats.  These purchases escalated into the purchasing of many more fixed wing ultralights.  In 2001 he purchased aDK Whisper Paramotor and signed up for lessons at the Fly By Ranch with Eric Dufour.  Mark became aninstructor in 2003 in the Powered ParaFoil industry.  Now with over 3000 flying hours and 2200 skydives,his experience and knowledge coming from building, flying, buying and selling over 500 types of ultralightaircraft provides him the fundamentals to take the best aspects of all these aircraft and develop them into one.......“The Hybrid ParaTrike”

Mark Denny founded AirSportsUSA in 2001.  He specializes in buying and selling all types of aircraft and trainingstudents to fly Powered Parachutes(PPC), Paramotors(PPG) and ParaTrikes. Over the years, his exposure to somany styles of aircraft has provided him with the ability to see the pros and cons of each design.  So, Mark setout developing ultralight trikes that provide more options than any other on the market.His first new design is the Hybrid ParaTrike.  Typically, pilots who desire to fly a powered parachute, paramotoror hang glider trike must purchase each individual aircraft and a wing to match.  This is costly and usually limitsa pilot’s options to purchasing only one of the three.  The exciting aspect of the new Hybrid ParaTrike is that anindividual can now fly all three wings on one aircraft with one hanging system.  The Hybrid ParaTrike gives theoption of both foot and hand steering and throttle.  The hanging system for the paraglider and parachute wingis at a distance that corrects the typical flat spot one usually sees when the wing is in flight and allows it to fly theway it was designed. The lines of the wing are split over multiple points on the hanging system by our Split Riser system which gives the aircraft a more stable flight by reducing torque twist and rocking.   Other upgrades to the trike include in-flight adjustable Center of Gravity settings.  When converting to a hang glider wing, the patented swivel system allows the pilot to rotate the hanging system upwards forming the mast for hang glider wing connection.  All this is performed with the removal of only a few pins therefore there is no need to be burdened with extra parts and tools to do the job.  The Hybrid Trike hanging system comes in an easy to install kit that can be adapted to any trike