ParaTrike Training Simulators

AirSports USA exclusive line of ParaTrike Training Simulators is now available to instructors ready to be a leading force in trike training.  Our real life simulators are designed to SAFELY prepare new pilots for flight without the worry of broken props, cut lines, damaged aircraft or injured students.

The ParaChair

Designed for mastering wing control skills before introducing steering and throttle. Easily inserts to standard hitch

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The ParaTrike Training Trailer

This training simulator gives the student the real feel of wing handling with the support of an instructor directly behind. The castor wheels provide movement of the trike so the student can learn to make adjustments. Multiple bungess at the hitch attachment point can be added or removed to simulate more or less movement

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The EZ Trainer

Our top of the line training simulator. The EZ Trainer is powered by our one of a kind propulsion design and gives the student the full ground handling and control experience. With the EZ Trainer, each aspect of training...kiting, steering, throttle... is introduced one at a time as to not overwhelm the student. The instructor has an adventageous view and control of the simulator from the back seat which allows for immediate instruction and correction. Again, no props to break, no cut lines, no more damaged aircraft and especially no more injured students.

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